FAQ for Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin (Pads) / Winion Sanitary Napkin

Winion Sanitary Napkin

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Q1: What benefits shall I get from Anion/WinIon Sanitary Napkins/Pads?

A1: Love Moon Sanitary Napkins / WinIon Sanitary Napkin is the first and only hygienic antibacterial sanitary napkins/pads in the market today. Help prevent bacterial multiplication, eliminates odour and promotes comfort during the menstrual period.

Q2:  What is the maximum capacity of our WinIon: a.) Day Use b.) Night Use and  c.) Pantyliners?

A2:  Maximum absorption capacity for  Day Use:80-100ML. Night Use: 100-150ML. For Pantyliner, we can not quantify as to how many ML, because panty liner is intended for daily secretions only.
Q3:  How many hours can we use Love Moon Anion / WinIon Sanitary Napkins / Pads?
A3:  It is advisable to change each pad every 3 hours, even if it is not yet soiled.
Q4:  What is the cause why the surface of our panty liners would turn to be woolly or wool-like during use.
A4:  First layer of Love Moon Anion / WinIon Panty Liner is made of 100% pure cotton. It tend to be “woolly” due to friction and when it's fully soiled. Again, it is advisable to change Love Moon Pantyliner / WinIon Pantyliner every 3 hours.
Q5:  What are the reasons why some Love Moon pads / WinIon Pads had does not have anion strip?
A5:  Please ask the distributor to return Love Moon Sanitary Napkins / WinIon Sanitary Napkin to the office and we will replace it with a new one. This is a “production defect” which may happen once on every million productions. Our manufacturing plant is doing its best effort to monitor and properly regulate the speed of the machine as not to happen this kind of incident.
Q6: What’s the reason for some people to experience a stronger flow of menstruation?
A6: The negatively charged ion or what we call “anion strip”, assists in regularizing the blood flow. On your first few days of continuous usage of Love Moon / WinIon Sanitary Napkin, you will notice the increase blood flow. If this happens, do not be alarmed; just continue to use the said product.
Q7: Is Love Moon panty liner / WinIon Pantyliner safe for pregnant women?
A7: It is not recommended for pregnant since one of the effects of the anion strip is to regularize blood flow. Due to the absence of any medical basis, we don't recommend Love Moon / WinIon Panty Liner for use by women in their first trimester of pregnancy.
Q8:  What is the specific material of the Anion Strip and the Polygel?
A8:  Both are made from food-grade materials. The Anion Strip is made of algae plants while polyol is made of corn extract.
Q9: What is the difference of the WinIon Sanitary Napkin and Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin?
A9: The following tablet show the differences of the WinIon and Love Moon;


winion and love moon comparison tablet

There is no differences in the material, anion strip and function between Love Moon and WinIon. 

Comparison Of WinIon Sanitary Napkin with Other Brands

winion anion sanitary napkin

Love Moon / WinIon

X – Brand (Other Brand)


Premium Aluminum Packaging.
A hygienic and re-sealable packaging design, for protection against bacteria, fungus and moisture.

A fully automated one-stop production process that does not expose to human contamination. Every sanitary napkin is protected with air-tight packaging.

Plastic packaging,  unable to re-seal one it’s opened.

Individual sanitary napkin is pack with a triple-folding method using manual labour, which is exposed to human contaminations. Packaging is not totally air-tight.


Soft, thin and comfort. Double absorption.

Cotton material with rough surface


The highest rate of liquid absorption without leakage and rewetting

Normal absorption rate.

Raw Material


100% safe and hygienic.

Possible recycle paper with a huge amount of chemical.

Bottom Layer

High tech breathability bottom layer allows free flow of air.

Made by plastic. Non-breathability.

Free gift

Self-test card.